Places to be in Vienna

This places are not typical sightseeing targets in vienna. They are not spectacular in that sense. Like Schönbrunn for example but they have a special attraction. (The list is not made in a sense of a ranking)

1. Lusthaus / The Lusthaus today is a small Cafe`. It`s a traditional old building. It was used since the 18 century as a destination for the fine society. The Lusthaus is located at the end of the Praterallee.

2. Tuchlauben / A street in the 1st district with a long history. There are buildings since the roman empire. It was located inside the roman castle. In the Middle Ages  clothiers had their shops their. Today there are shops, Cafe`s, Restaurants, a cinema for cineasts,  The Tuchlauben is conecting the Hohe Markt and the Graben. The Tuchlauben connects the past and the presents in a nice way without any kitsch.  Behind the Tuchlauben is waiting an area of small  lanes to be discoverd.

3. Blumengarten Hirschstetten / The Blumengarten is located in the 22 nd district. From the U1 Sation you take the tram 26 to the station Oberfeldgasse / Spargelfeldstraße and you are right in front of the garden.  There you may find plants from all over the world in a special arrangement. A special place for peoples who loves the nature and are interested in botanic knowledge in a special arrangement. Kids may have a lot of fun to. They find a labyrinth, a small zoo and a large playground.  In the christmas time there is christmas market.

4. Dianabad  (Lilienbrunngasse 7-9 1020 Wien/ A open swimming pool with an fantastic history. The first bath was build in 1806. In its long history the bath was not just a simple swimming pool it was used also as a entertainment center. In the middle of the 19 century it was a dancing hall.  The basin was just toped with wood floor and jused as a ballroom.  1865 the danube waltz (the most famous waltz)  was played here the first time.  Today its a adventure bath. You get there if you come to the U1 Station Schwedenplatz and cross the Marienbrücke and go ca. 150 meter straight a head.

5. Wien Museum  / The Wien Museum is located at the Karlsplatz. The museum is rather small but fine. It shows viennas long history in a nice way. There are always interesting side exhibitions. It doesn`t take a long time to get though the museum but the history is shown in a interesting and modern way.  A part of the Wien Museum is the roman museum on the Hohen Markt 3 in the 1st district.