They were both great architects which formed viennas presents face like no others. They planned buildings like the palace Belevedere or Schönbrunn.

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach was born in 1656 Graz.  Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt was born 1668 in Genua.  They both lived and operated at the same time as the great Christopher Wren. But Wren was born 1632, so es Wren 1666  rebuild the St. Pauls cathedral  Hildebrandt was`nt born and von Fischer von Erlach was a baby.

Hildebrandt studied by Carlo Fontana in Rome and worked since 1693 as architect. 1695 – 1696 Hildebrandt worked voluntarily as fieldarchitect in the imperial army in Italy. 1698 he became imperial counsel.

Fischer von Erlach  was educated as  sculptor.  After that he went to Italy to architectual studies. 1689 he became the teacher from the later emporer Josef I.  1693 the Fischer von Erlach became the second time father. His Son Joseph Emanuel became a also a famous Architect and builder.

1695 Fischer became the mandate to plan the rebuilding of palace Schönbrunn. 1705 Josef I appointed  Fischer von Erlach as the  court master builder.  At this time Hildebrandt worked already 4 years as court engineer.  Fischer von Erlach and Hildebrandt faced each other as rivals. Hildebrandth and Fischer von Erlach had both worked for Prince Eugen. 1697 Fischer von Erlach start to build his Winterpalais in todays Himmelpfortgasse 8  (today a building of the ministeriy of finance) , 1702 Hildebrandth  took over the work which was 1724 completed.

Through the Time Fischer von Erlach and Hildebrandt worked also abroad,  Fischer von Erlach among others:  in Salzburg (Johannsspital-church, Kollegien-church, Dreifaltigkeits-church, Castle Kleßheim),  Mariazell (basillica) ,  Prague (town-palais Calm Gallas, Monstrance golden sun from Loretto).  Hildebrandt in Göttweig (Monastery) , Göllersdorf (Castle Schönborn), Pommersfelden (palace Weißenstein)  and Würzburg (Schönborn-chapel).

Fischer von Erlachs masterpeace was the Karlskirche .  The architecture contest he won among others also against Hildebrandt. The laying of the foundationstone was 1716.  He used different buildingelements, so he took roman triumph columns and temple porticus and a dome.  Fischer von Erlach died 1723 his son accomplished the curch until 1739.

Fischer von Erlach and Hildebrandt gave Vienna in a great dimension the face that the legions of tourists love. Lets say they made a kind of „best of“ buildings in Vienna.

Fischer von Erlach : Palace Schönbrunn 1696, Palais Trautson 1712,  Böhmische Hofkanzlei 1709,  Court-stabeling (today Museumsquarter) 1713 – accomplished from his Son ,

Hildebrandt: Palais Schwarzenberg 1715,  Kinsky Palais 1713, upper Belvedere 1721-1723 and lower Belvedere 1714-1716,  Secret Court and Country chancellery 1717-1719 (Today chancellery), Bartolotti-Partenfeld Palais (1720).

Fischer von Erlach died 1723 in Vienna. After Fischers death  Hildebrandt earnd his higher salary but he didnt get his position as chiefcourt-engineer. Hildebrandt died 1745 also in Vienna. The Hildebrandtgass in the 17. district is named after him.  Fischer von Erlach got a monument which stands at the Rathausplatz.