Out of the dark into the light

Soon the anniversary year 2015 ends. 70 years ago the 2nd world war ended 60 years ago Austria became free from the alied doccupation. I have to write about that for Austria and Vienna so important happenings.

The nazi regime became the darkest years of austrian history. Both of my grandfathers fought in the war. My mother became what we call homecoming kid. At the end of 45 my grandpa got released from the americans. About 9 mounth later my mom was born.  So if want or not our life is still effected of the war.  If we turn on the TV still allmost each day there are docus about the war. Because so many people are interested about. My Generation is called war grandchildren. We know our grandfathers as caring grandfathers but we don`t know what they experienced during the war because the couldn`t or didn`t wanted to tell it.  So this questions still remaind.

After the war ends nobody wanted to talk about so much about, they just tried to forget. (The German movie „im Labyrith des Schweigens“ tells about that fact) The people were busy to repair their homes and the public buildings. Vienna was bombed by the americas, they followed the strategy to bomb military targets. So Vienna became not that damaged like for example Dresden.

The battle about Vienna took 20 days and marked the end of the 2. world war for the viennese citizens. Each life this battle took was one to much.  The austrian ressitance movment tryed to minimize the damage. Also  inside the Wehrmacht existed intentions to hand over the city without fight. In connection with the ressistance the try to avoid hitlers „nero-command“.  But this intention were betrayed and the Officiers Rudolf Raschke, Alfred Huth and Karl Biedermann wehre exicuted.  (In Floridsdorf stands a memory for Karl Biedermann and  in Penzing a casern is named after them).  The fight became a house to house battle arround the bridges they becam verry intensive.  Also the area around the arsenal became a hotspot.

Soon after the end of the battle the war ended and Austria and Vienna were occpied by the allied forces. With the war a dark area went to an end and the difficult area of the occupation begun.

Occupied zones

Us: Neubau (7), Josefstadt (8), Alsergrund  (9),  Hernals (17), Währing (18), Döbling (19)

British:  Landstraße (3),Margareten (5), Simmering (11),Meidling (12), Hietzing (13)

French: Mariahilf (6), Penzing (14), Rudolfsheim Fünfhaus (15), Ottakring (16)

Sowiet: Wieden (4), Leopoldau (2),Favoriten (10), Floridsdorf(21), Donaustadt (22)

All Allies: Innere Stadt (1)

Soon after the war ends the friction and the distrust between the alies begun. The cold war became reality. Vienna became a hotspot for secret intelligece operations. For the viennese the occupation became a hurdle race. To switch between the western allied and the sowiet zones papers were needed.  The Austrians did not know how the future continues.  Many Soldiers still stood in war captivitiy. The woman started to repair the damage. For the next ten years the Austrians faced the occupation but get also in Contact with the culture of the winners nations. The american started their Marshall-plan and helped so to rebuild Europe and also Austria. Behind the curtains the austrian politicians negotiated about the Austrian independence. Slowly the Soldiers came back from imprisonment.

And after 7 years Nazirule and ten years occupation Austria got on 26. October 1955 free. It came „out of the dark and into the light“,