A journey into the roman empire

About two thousend  years ago a few houses were standing on the place where vienna is located is.  They  belonged to the celtic tribe of the Boier. Of course they was not surprise as they saw the romans arrive and start to built a camp. It was a simple wood earth camp. But it was just the beginning. The folks understood they will not go away. So they had to arrange with the romans. The german tribe on the other side of the danube the marcomanns did not submit and stood independent even if the romans tried to conquer them.  So if they did not fight with them they traded with them.



We don`t know how why the place were baptized vindobona. One possibility could be that the place belonged to a person named Vindo. Anyway the romans stood there where today is vienna`s first district and quickly the camp grown. A while after legionnaires arrived all kind of workers. Usually the came not alone, they brought also there families.  An other habit the romans had was to build streets and connect the new territories with the empire .

Around hundred years later the camp were build in stone and a small village arose where todays third district is located. At this time the roman empire was on the top of their power, Trajan ruled with strong hand. Under his rulership the Limes was starched.  In the  2nd century vindobona extended into the south into the liesing valley. Many country residences were built. Along the main roads the romans buried usally there dead people so gravestones was found along the main road to Carnuntum. Today we can see them in the Roman museum on the Hohen Markt and in the city museum which is located on the Karlsplatz beside the Karls church.  At the end of the century the Imperator Marc Aurel terried in vindobona during his legions  fought the german tribes on the northern side of the danube.


Reconstruction of the castle Vindobona

1. Principia (HQ),   2 House of the Paretors house ,  3. Hospital,                  4 Barracks,  5 Factory,  6 Baths,  7 Officers house;

Vindobona was a typical roman city with all technical  achievements like the water aqueducts.  In the center there was a forum and a market. Beside the castle was a quarter for the workman that supplied goods for the legions. Many Legionnaires that finished their military service stood in Vindobona. Many of them got married. So the celtic population got mixed with the romans so the city grown constant. Around the time of the ruler Septimus Severus Vindobona had its largest extent.  Severus who was chosen from the  Legions in Carnuntum to be the ruler of the empire. After a civil war he became in fact the Imperator. We can see that in that  time the Legions in the era  around Carnuntum and Vindobona had a great power.


At the place where the Castle was located (today at the 1st district) the later city vienna came into existence.  The center was todays Hoher Markt, in the roman times at the Hohen Markt were the Officers Houses. The Principia (Headquarter and religious center) were at the todays Tuchlauben.

In the  fourth and fifth Century the roman imperium declined. The population used the castle to find protection from the germans.  Over the dark centuries after the decline of the roman empire always a population lived in around Vindobona .  If the folks was in danger they retired them self into the castle.  The people in that times was brave.  The Situation in that period is comparable with the situation of the person Robert Redford plays in the movie „all is lost“ where he plays a person who was alone on ship on the indian ocean while his ship was damaged and sprung a leak.  He fought with all his power against his fate. He always kept on working and fighting also as it seams all is lost. That people did the same, they always kept on, no matter what happened, they never sopped.

The era was ruled by many different clans. In the 9th century the era got into the influence of the francs and the bavarians and at this time the later country Austria began slowly to take form.



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