Da Vinci in Vienna

One of the most known wallpicture in the history „the last sacrament“ is in the monastry Santa Maria delle Grazie. What not so many people know is that the only original replike in the original size is hanging as mosaik in a viennese Minoriten church.

Napoleon wanted to take the Fresko to Paris but this was not possible so he instructed the roman artist Giacomo Raffaelli to make a replike. But as the work was finished Napoleon were inprisoned in Elba. So the austrian emperor Franz I bought the work and instructed to bring the 20 tonne heavy mosaicboard to Vienna where it came to the Minoritenchurch.

The picture becam worldfamous trough Dan Browns book „the Da Vinci code“  in witch he interpret secret encoded messages about Jesus Christ and the holy grail.