Central Cemetery

1874 the central cemetery opend its gates and counts with 2,5 squarekilometers to the largest cemeteries in Europe. Today many tourists travel into the 11. district where the cemetery is located to have a look. It is in deed a special place. There are different places for the different religions. Many special Buildings you can find on areal. But it is more than a cemetery its a living space for many animals which have their homes inside the walls. There are made own TV-docus about the animals plants on the cemetery.

The centre of the cemetery is the Kapellenhof build after the plan from Max Hegele. On the areal are many interesting monuments like (the memorials for victims of the marchrevolution,the warmemorial, a jewish warmemorial, and the memorial for the victims of the austrian resistance against the nazis) and chapels.  Also the gates are works of art. For example the 2nd gate has reliefs from sculptors Carl Anelm Zinsler 1867-1940 and Georg Leisek 1869-1936.