Fabulous places

Viennas citizens in the middle age was superstitious and religious. What were reflected in the  peoples legends. They were connected to places in Vieanna. In many cases people fought against dark forces. Simple heros stood against demons and devils.  In some cases they told storys about the dangerous situations vienna faced like the otoman siege in the legend „zum Heidenschuss“ or the catastrophes like the black death, the storry of “ Augustin in the pesthole“ was about that. About the musician Augustin three legends were written. Also worldhistory went into the legends of vienna, the Englisch King Richard better known as Lionheart were discovered in a small village named  viniculture village Erdberg and imprisoned from Leopold V in Vienna a brought later to the castle of Dürrenstein. Some mounth ago Leopold had a disput with Richard Lionheart in the conquered city of Acre. Lionheart affronted Leopold, the legend told that Lionheart thrown Leopolds banner down from a tower into the mud because Leopold claimed some of the prize. Leopold left after that szene Acre and went back to vienna. Of course he did not forget that when he met Richard again in Vienna.
Other legends are about human weakness like greed discribed in the legend of the Schustermichelglocke (cobblermichlbell) or vanity in the legend „the devil in the mirror“.
But also goodness like patience and belive went into viennese legends like in the story of „the spinnerin am Kreuz“ (the spinister on the cross).

I want to mention some of the legendary places in Vienna

1. district
The stick in the iron – Stock im Eisen Platz
Heidenschuss  – Heidenschuss
The basilisk house – Schönlaterngasse
The elysian usher  –  Himmelpfortgasse

2. district
The golden fountain – Taborstraße

4. district
The bear mill – Naschmarkt

6. district
The cobbler-Michl-bell – Mariahilfer church  (Mariahilferstraße)

7. district
The house of the golden snake – St. Ulrich (part of the 7. district)
Augustin in the pest hole – Augustinplatz (7)

8. district
The spicachrist – Alser church – Alser Straße

9. distict
The wondercross – Rossau (part of the 9. district next to the danubechannel)

11. district
The lionbride – castle Neugebäude

There are around 400 legends written about vienna here are some of the most known:
The stick in the iron
The funny Augustin
The stack in the heaven
The fist elephant in vienna
The wonderman Paracelsus