the vienna coffee shop

The Legend that Kolschitzky foundet the first viennese coffee shop stood until today. But now we know it better. It was the armenian trader Johannes Theodat which found the first cofe shop in Vienna. Kolschitzky established later a cofe shop.

The cofe shop became quickley an institution in Vienna where the people met each other and exchanged news and had a talk. Coffee bekam quickley a verry popular drink for all classes. Especially intellectual, writers and musicans visited often the Cofe` Shop`s.

1788 Martin Diegand founded the first concert-cofe shop and it was a famous success. Soon people flowed into the concert-cofe shops. Mozart and Beethoven came their to listen to their or others music.  The string quartet from Josef Lanner and Johann Strauß sen. where successful like modern popstars and made concert tours in european music-cofe shops.

Graham Green wrote his famous book „the thrid man“ in the Cofe Shop „Mozart“. Others like the writers Leo Perutz, Oskar Kokoschka, Hermann Bahr, Alfred Polgar or the architect Otto Wagner  were regular guests in the Cafe` Museum and in the Cafe` Central.

The connection cofe shop and literature have also a long tradition. 1891 the literature group „Jung Wien“ were found in Vienna. mebers were under others Peter Altenberg, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Stefan Zweig,  Karl Kraus, and Arthur Schnitzler.  There meetingpoint were the Café Griensteidl also known as „Cafe` megalomania“. In the time were „Jung Wien“ met their it was on the Michaeler Platz in the 1st district. 1897 it were demolished because the square was rebuilded.  In the evening before the building were destroyed the group and other loyal guests met their to celebrate a furneral feast for the Cafe`.  Karl Kraus used the decline of the Cafe` Griensteidl to bill with the Jung Wien members in a essey under the title „the demolished literature“.  On the 25. january were in the Illustrated Viennese special edition to read. „The taithful guest of the Cafe` Griensteidl celebreted the decline with a excellent furneral feast… after midnight the food and the drinks were exhausted and just slap of ears were served. Elsewise the atmosphere were famous.“ The slap Kraus recived from Felix Salten for passage in his essey. Arthur Schnitzler noticed in his diary about that „yesterday evening Salten slaped the small Kraus ear was everybody gladly appreciated“
After the demolition many of the writers relocated to the Cafe` Central.

Until today people love the viennese Cofe` Shops. Here some of the traditional:

Café Hawelka (Dorotheergasse 6 1010 Wien
Café Central (Herrengasse 14 1010 Wien)
Café Griensteidl (Michaeler Platz 1010 Wien)
Café Landtmann (Universitätsring 4 1010 Wien)
Café Museum (Operngasse 7 1010 Wien)
Café Mozart (Albertinaplatz 1010 Wien)
Café Prückel (Stubenring 1010 Wien)
Cafe` Hofburg (Innerer Burghof 1 1010 Wien)
Cafe` Raimund (Museumstraße 6 1010 Wien)
Cafe` Sacher ( Philharmonikerstraße – Im  Hotel Sacher 1010 Wien)
Café Hummel (Josefstädter Straße 66 1080 Wien)
Café Ritter (Mariahilferstraße  73 1060 Wien)
Cafe`Kafka (Capistrangasse 8 1060 Wien)
Café Restaurant Residenz (in the castle Schönbrunn 1130 Wien)
Café Sperl (Gumpendorferstraße Corner Lehargasse 1060 Wien)
Café Wunderer (near Kennedybrücke 1140 Wien)
Café Weimar (Währinger Straße 68 1090 Wien)
Cafe` Rüdigerhof  (Hamburgerstraße 20 1050 Wien)
Café Zartl (Rasumofskygasse  7 1030 Wien)
Cafe` Weidinger (Lerchenfelder Gürtel 1 1160 Wien)
Cafe` Sperlhof (Große Sperlgasse 41 1020 Wien)