The name Nussdorf leads himself from the nuttrees off which growed there when the village was established in the medivial. Until the 19th century allys stood in the village.

The village was first time named in the highmiddleage. It was called first time in document in 1082. Before their were shurely the romans and used the optimal location to build their harbour.  We know that in the backyard around Vindobona also estates located were. It were next to the limes road to western towns like cetium (St. Pölten) or Lentia (Linz) and so on.

Nussdorf was a streetvillage and whrer located in todays Kahlenbergstraße, the Greiner and the Hackhofgasse. Through the todays Hammerschmidtgasse Nussdorf was connected with the village of Heiligenstadt. We can imagine mainly simple houses. The people woodworker, fisherman or winegrower. They all have to pay tribute to the liege. In that area the church was the owner of wide areas.  The village Nussdorf had its own owners.

In the 14th century the Masters of Nussdorf was ducal forest intendants. In that time the village was famous for its good wine. The village belongs to the parish of Heiligenstadt.

Trough to his close  position to the danube river. Their were harbour facilities. This fact brought many times harm to the people of Nussdorf when enemies came the always went their to destroy the village. If we think about that time it may come fearful thoughts when we see in front of our spiritual eyes soldiers in full armament ride through the small village of Nussdorf.
One time the hungarians, two times came the Osmans, later the French to mention some cases.  One building which surwived all the good and bad times was the Neudeckerhof. Since the early 16 th century the building stood. Legend afflicetd, it alleged that  the building in 1462  the Münsterberger Lord Viktorin (which was a son of King Georg von Podibrand) as headquarter of the relif force for the emporer Friedrich III served . The Emporer were sieged from the viennese citizens.

Nussdorf developed through the time into a lovely place where many musical Stars  their tents encamped. Beethoven spent some time of his live their. 1802 he lived in a flat in the Probusgasse 6. In that time sufferd allready under nearly deafness. In the hous are a exhibition which showes closer inside in his life.

But Beethoven was not the only musican which appreciated Nußdorfs nice surroundings. Franz Lehar, lived and worked between 1932 and 1944 in todays Hackhofergasse 18 in the so-called Leharschlössl. Their he wrote Giuditta his last stage performance. In the same building stood between 1802 and 1812 Emanuel Schikaneder the famous autor and lyricist (Mozarts magic flute) . 1737 Joachim Georg Schwandner bought the building and  gave him todays appearance.