Greek quarter

In the 18th century greek merchants settled in the area around todays Griechengasse, Fleischmarkt, Rotenturmgasse. In that area pepole from many different countries have their home there .  In the middle of the 19th century some of the rich greeks went away from the greek quater.  Nikolaus Dumba was one of them. The Palais Dumba at the Parkring 4 is named after him. In 1865 he gave the order to build the Palais. Dumba was an indastrual and a patron of arts.

A famous Restaurant is the Griechenbeisl at Fleischmarkt 11. It is one of viennas oldest Restaurant and named the first time in 1447 as restaurant „yellow eagle“. In the 18th century the famous ballad monger Max Augustin (the lovely Augustin) performed there. The Griechenbeisl can count a some  famous people to their guests like Johnny Cash, Phil Collins, Johann Strauß, W. A. Mozart, L v Beethoven, Ferdinand Graf v. Zeppelin, Richard Wagner, Mark Twain and others.

Verry nice is the Hafnersteig, a small historical lane between the Fleischmarkt and the Schwedenplatz. On the opposit side is a buddhist temple.

In the 19th century the  Georgschurch and the greek-church holy trinity were build in the quater. The greek church at the Fleischmarkt is one of most beautyful churches in Vienna.

220px-Griechenkirche_Fleischmarkt_Wien Greek Church