Enlightment and vampires

In the 18th century stories about Vimpires which strike terror made the round in Austria. It was the time when Maria Theresia ruled over the austrian empire.

Pepole in that time were superstitious. If they couldn`t explain something it must  be something weird. 1745 the medical doctor Gerad van Swieten went to vienna to become the personal doctor of Maria Theresia. He started the reforme the austrian health care and the medical tertiary education. He obtain to be the founder of the elder viennese medical scool.

The frightening storries about the vampires spread more and more fear over the austrian population. Maria Theresia had to act and she sent 1755 her best man  into the field. Van Swieten had to go to Morawa to proof the storries. As doctor and scientist he was not easy to frighten. He proofed the facts and wrote a statement about the reasons for this inexplicably facts. And he brought light into the darkness of the superstition.

Van Swieten was an important representative of the Enlightment. Maria Theresia supported this movement. Her Son Josef II supportet also the enlightment. He broke the power of the catholic church and the pope and suspended many monasteries and fraternaties like the Jesuits. Josef II had a strong will to reform the country and supportet artists like Mozart.