Love goes through the stomage

This is a fact. Love goes through the stomage. Vienna has so much love to give!  We have so much good food in vienna and in Austria.

Today we have here in Vienna many international Restaurants. We like our food diversified. italian, japanese, chinese or other asian food, spanish, mexican. You can find everything what your heart desires. But our traditional food is not to hide. In Vienna many Restaurants serve traditional viennese dishes. But not just Restaurants. Typical are also the „Wiener Würstelstand“ where typical sausages where sold, like Käsekrainer, Burenwurst or Waldviertler.  A visit is wothwile.

But was is typical viennese food? It is grown over the centuries.  Strudel, Knödel und Schmarrn the people eat also in the 18th century. Typical maindishes was stews, cabbage and beet-dishes, fish. Sometimes Meet like mutton and pork. In that time is was not so expensive to go to a lunchhouse. And you could eat many differnt dishes for one price. If you where a burgess you had a special time where the dishes were served for you. As  peer you had an other time. So it was sure that the different classes didnt mix up during their lunch or dinner.

Through the colonization the menu changed. Potatoes, Tomatos and so on enriched the dishes. Without that we couldn`t eat our Schnitzel with fries. How sad would be this?

Today the simple restaurants are called Beisl. Simple doesnt mean that the food isn`t delicious. They mainly serve typical viennese or austrian food. In the last years they declined.

If you like sweets you are right in vienna. We have a rich tradition. Famous are of course the Sacher cake and the Imperial cake. But this are just two. In the 17 century people liked the milk-cream Strudel or the Apple-Strudel. Dishes you still can find in each Restaurant. The Konditorei are specialiced for Sweets and cakes and Coffee. And their are of cours the viennese Cafe` houses. Since the 18th century they are not to miss. Intellectual and artists like write writers and musicas liked to visit coffeehouses. The traditional viennese coffeehouse are culturegoods.  Here you can make a timetravell into the past.