Metropol and Ronacher

Querin Mairhofer a master baker from Würzburg relocated 1828 to vienna. He bought a a backery,  a vinefactory a vineyard and stables. Before 1860 Mairhofer initiated a modification of the stables into a eventhall.

The Metropol is connected to austrian artists like Georg Danzer and Wolfgang Ambros. The small group of artists know each quiet good and some of them are good friends. But also small Musical-productions are part of the programm.

The Theatre is a lovely  eventhall for about 500 visitors. It has a special flair and the artist can be experienced colse.

The Ronacher is one of viennas traditonal theaters and is resided in the 1st district. Right after the event you can visit one of numerous eateries.

old-ronacher Original house

The theater was built 1871 and 1872 from the architects Ferdinand Fellner and Ferdinand Fellner Jr.  for the private AG of Max Friedländer. It was opend on 15. September 1872 with Schillers „Demetrius“. In the year 1884 the theater is burnt down. 1886 Anton Ronacher bougth the ruin and again Ferdinand Fellner father and son rebuilt it. In April 1888 it opend again as a ballroom. At the theater a hotel and a wintergarden were affiliated. The hous could use allready use electric light.  The house was not a traditional playhouse. The visitors could eat and trink there.

Because of the bad economic climate in the 1890 the house had to be reduced. Artist performed there and attracted the simple pepole from the suburb. Later operettas, danc and singevents took place.

After the 2nd world war the unharmed ronacher was used instead of the bombed Burg-theater. Today the house is used as musicalhouse. A truly  wonderful historical house.