Maria Theresia

Charles VI, the father of Maria Theresia has became no son but he through the pragmatic sanction he could secure the unity of his empire. But he left it as a big challange for his young dougther as he died 1740. Three years ago Maria Theresia married  Franz Stephan von Lothringen at the age of 17.

Of course the other of europes monarchs thought it might be easy now to cut down a piece of Austria. It was the prelude of the austrian succession war that last for seven years.

The first step made the young King Friedrich from Prussia. He stept with his army over the border to Silesia. Maria Theresia and Franz Stephan have had a weak army running. But Friedrich was not the only enemy. They faced also France, Spain and Bavaria.

The only way to survife was to build a coalition withe other Contries. They found them in England, the Netherland, Sardina and Russia.