Vienna Calling

A view days ago the great viennese muscian had his 60 birthday.  He is well known as Falco. He is a son of Vienna. He left us a great heritage which the most pepole not understand.

He was born in 1957. When he was 5 years old the viennese Musikakademie attested him after an audition a perfect hearing.  Her trained himself to sing Songs which are played in the radio.  As a birthdaypresent he got a record player. His favourite was the Beatles, Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley.

From 1963 on he visited the privat school of the Piaristen and from 1967 the Rainergymnasium.  In that time his father left the family and the relationship to his mother and grandmother became verry clolse. In 1973 he left the Gymnasium becaus he missed to much lessons. So he started with a  teaching at the socialsecurityagency of the commercial economy.  He quit the job with 17 and started his 8 mounth armytime. In that time he started to play E-guitar and soon he changed to the E-bassguitar.  After the Army he went to West Berlin to play in different Jazzformations. In a hotel he saw the 4 hilljumptournament. One DDR jumper with the name Falko Weißpflog inspired him to name himself Falco.

Back in Vienna he jouned the first viennese musictheater which later called „Hallucination company“, there he celebrated his first success. After a view mounth he change to the band „Drahdiwaberl“. He formed at the time also his own band „Spinning Wheel“.  At this time he created his own style. He wrote the song „ganz Wien“ in 1980 and  the song became an underground hit in Vienna but the radio didn`t play the song.

During a Drahdiwaberlconcert in 1981 the Musicproducer Markus Spiegel recognized Falcos talent and he gave him the chance to make his fist record „Einzelhaft“.  The Song „the Kommisar“ became a chartbreaker in Austria, Germany and France. Falco went for 6 mounth to the USA to promote the record. Worldwide „the Kommisar“  sold more than 6 million times.

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