the green city – a paradise for relaxing

Vienna is famous for music and the long history. You can walk for hours and hours around downtown watch buildings visit museums. But Vienna has also other sides – green sides.  Parks has a long tradition in Vienna.  To travel from the city to the countryside also. It was called „Sommerfrische“ it could be translated as „Summer resort“ but it meant more to make holidays on the country side. Very popular was the area Rax / Schneeberg in the southern part of Lower Austria about one hour from vienna.  Today people also like to visit that place. Vienna`s water is from that area.  But you haven`t to travel so far in Vienna has its own places for hiking and relaxing.  In fact under this viewpoint is vienna a wonderful place to live.


Vienna has a huge green belt in the west which reach far into Lower Austria.  In Vienna h,e begin with the Lainzer Tiergarten. If you go by U4 until Hütteldorf (Endstation U4). It takes you about 15 minutes to the entrance. Tiergarten means zoo and it is in fact a zoo with wild living animals.  You can meet there for example wild pigs face to face. But you have to be quiet because the are a bit shy.  Mostly you can discover them from a longer distance.  The Lainzer is a large forest were used in the middle age from Lords for hunting.  Kaiser Franz  Josef gave the Lainzer Tiergarten Elisabeth (Sissy) for Relaxing. A wall was build around which still is standing.  A palace as well as stablings was build 1886 in for her. Today the palace is used as museum.

The house and the park are wonderful places. giant mammoth trees you can admire there like the are growing in California. On the way from the Entrance to the palace there are different kind of landscapes from forest to grassland. You find there also wonderful overlooks over vienna.

IMG_3714                                                    Way from Hohe Wand Wiese to Sievering

If you go from Hütteldorf in direction north you reach the „Hohe Wand  Wiese“(there is a ski-lift) from there you can hike to Sievering which taks you around three a half hours. On the way are places where you can stop for eat a bite. Sievering is a old place which is named in the middle age. There you can find houses build in the 18th century. It is a vineyard area like the famous Grinzing but there are not so overflow. From Sievering you can go to Kahlenberg (bus stop 38A) and Leopoldsberg (End station 38A) or down to Klosterneuburg.

IMG_1759 Leopoldsberg

There are different ways through the forest. If you go from Sievering (end station bus 39A) the hill up you come to the Sissy Kapelle a tiny Church.  From there you can go to „the Himmel“ there you can take a rest, trink coffee and eat something.  From there it is not so fare to Cobenzl (bus stop 38 A) there you find a restaurant In the winter its a nice place to luge. Also a nice place to rest is „die Schönstadt“(bus stop 38A).

Except the vienna forest there are also other possibilities to relax.

DSCN2177                                       Overview from Leopoldsberg, Danube Island and 22nd district on the left side

The danube island a 13 kilometer long island ideal for biking and inline-skating or to take a walk.  It it is hot there is a water playground  (near Subway station U1 Donauisel)  In the Summer (End of June) there takes place the „Donauinselfest“. It is a huge music open air festival. On the north side of the river (U1 Station Alte Donau) is the Donaupark. For kids is there a large playground. A part of the park is a  flower garden with many different kinds of roses and other flowers.  In the center of the park is the danube tower on its top is  a restaurant which turns around and allows the visitor a 360 degrees overlook over vienna.

IMG_4528 Danube Island

In the northeast is the national park „Lobau“ a large floodplain forest.  A good place for hiking next to the danube river.

IMG_8308 Lobau

Downtown next to the Hilton Hotel is the „Sadtpark“ a ideal place to take a rest if you do sightseeing in the 1st district.  Direct beside the Ring Street (Park Ring).  Through the  park flows the Wien Fluss.

The thermae Oberlaa is in the South (tram end station  67). Next to the bath is a nice spa garden.

The Vienna Prater is a famous fun park. (U1 and U2 Station Prater) Next to the fun park is a large Park in its center is the „Prater Allee“ a long Way ideal for running and biking or to take walk. In the middle is vienna`s largest stadium the „Ernst Happel Stadion“ named after the famous football player and trainer.

On the official homepage from vienna you can find way descriptions for hiking.

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