Arts and Food

The area around the Siebensterngasse which is called St. Ulrich is a place where old and new is melting.  Right after the Rings Street U2 Station Volkstheater at the left hand the Museumsquartier (eventcenter, museum and location) and at the right hand the Volksthater begins the area.  It is like to enter another time.  You follow the tram line 49 around the corner.  From there on you can check out the lovely small streets.


St. Ulrich exists since the middle age as so many places around vienna.  Dietrich the rich 1170 -1235, -master of the mint and  town magistrate in Vienna) endowed a chapel on the place where todays  Ulrichs Kirche stands.   As time passed people builded around the chapel there houses.  So came St. Ulrich into existence.

Today there are no more houses that were build in that time. Alone  in the St. Ulrichs Platz 4 are remains from a medieval house. They were self destroyed before the Ottomans came to give them no chance to hide.

Today there are baroque houses built in the 18. Century which shelters shops, international restaurants, bars and coffee bars.  People which like arts, antik things are at the right place and can enjoy the small shops.

220px-Kirche_Sankt_Ulrich_(Wien) Ulrichskirche

In St. Ulrichs center is the Ulrichs Kirche.  As bespoke located at the place where once the chapel was built.  The church were to times destroyed  before the ottomans arrived.  The todays church were build between 1721 and 1724 from the master builder Josef Reymund. The last extensions were finished until 1751 and the towers 1771.

Not far from the Church is on of the famous arts christmas market on the Spittelberg which visits many thousand people.  The streets conserved the historical surrounding, the lovely houses create in connection with all the lights  around wonderful atmosphere. In thewarm seasons there are wonderful place to sit outside and enjoy good food and the historicalsphere.

DSCN2855 Street on the  Spittelberg

This places in St. Ulrich and Spittelberg count to my favorite places in vienna. Here you find the special atmosphere which spends old and almost original places in connection with in a peaceful and calm surrounding.