The Ring

The Ring celebrets on 1. Mai its 150 birthday. The Boulevard dominates viennas center with the hugh buildings next to it and tis presents. Together with the Franz Josefs Kai the Ring describes a circle around the 1st district and belongs also to him. The Ring was initiated form Franz Josef I in fact it was a (Herzensangelegenheit) for him. He studied models and plans, invited 85 architekts to vienna. Tehophil Hannson (1813-1891) recived the (Zuschlag).

theophil.han Theophil Hanson

He learnd his profession in Berlin and worked in Athen before he came to vienna. The greek antic building had some influence on him which we can see in the parlaments building in vienna which Hannson had drafted.

If we start at the Opern Ring we can see of cours the opera building.  We follow the Ring on the left side beside the opera starts the Kärtnerstraße. The next building on the other side of the street the Ringstraßen Gallery starts with luxurious shops and a ***** hotel.  Two blocks further we have on the right side Schwarzenberg Platz.  The Cafe`Schwarzenberg lays on the Ring left side.  On the other side we see one of the world most famous hotels in the world the Imperial founded 1873.  If you cross street on that side we find  Fridays a classical american burger restaurant a nice place to watch football games in the evening and eat good burgers.  Here starts the Schubertring where we have some shops.  Next is the Parkring with the Stadtpark on the right side some hotels (marriot and SAS) on the left side. In the marriot there is champions a nice sportsbar with wonderful international sportsartefacts as decoration.   If we follow the Ring we arrive at the Wollzeile. At the End of this street is a square where we can find the fundament of one old tower which was part oft the town wall in the middleage. Aft that we com to the Stubenring where the MAK is located (museum of applied art).  At the end of the Stubenring we come to the Julius Raab Patz.  The Franz Josefs Kai leeds us from the Stubenring to the Schottenring.  Here we find Shops, Restaurants, the DDSG landing stage. On the Schottenring we find the stock Exchange, Hotels like the ***** Hotel de france and a french cinema.

The Schottentor was a part of the mediveal wall, now is named a U2 Station at the Ring after the gate. There is a big square.  Next to the Ring you find  the mainbuilding from the viennese university. Behind the university on the square you see the Votivkirche.  If you go ahead you see after a view meters the townhall at the right side build at the same time as the Ringstreet, at the oposite side you see the famous Burgtheater. The next big building you see also at the right side is the parlament. Directly next to the Burgtheater is the Volksgarten located a park where in the middle a greek temple is build. Beside the Park is The castle, where the austrian pesident has his residence. In a sidewing of the castle is the historical arts museum and the ethnology museum.  On the oposite side of the street is the nature museum.  Before we close the ring you come the Museumsquartier a Eventcenter with different locations museums and restaurants.

Old pictures from the ringstreet and buildings beside

800px-Bau_Staatsoper Building of the Opera

Schottenring_Wien_1875 Schottenring 1875

Wien_Parlament_um_1900 Parlament about 1900

Wien_Burgtheater_um_1900 Burgtheater about 1900