Old General Hospital

After the second ottomann leaguer Dr Johann Franckh  donated an area beside the Alserstraße for a army hospital. 1683 Emperor Leopold I ordered to build a hospital for poor people on the area. Because of a leck of money the hospital was not build. Leopold I ordered 1683 a hospital for the poor and so  the first yard of the later general hospital was build.  1.042 war invalid purchased after the intention Franckh quarters.  1726 donated Ferdinand Freiherr von Thavonad after his dead his property so they were able to accomplish second yard.

altes-akh                                                        old general hospital 1784

On 28. January 1783 Joseph II visited the poor house and saw there was poor people with out there own intention. Joseph commanded that the house will be rebuild to a general hospital and to build the Narrenturm a building for mental ill patients (Today there is a medical museum which belongs to the Nature historical Museum Vienna). The Masterbuilder Joseph Gerl and the first director Joseph von Quarin leaded the works an on 16. August 1784 the general hospital opened his gates.

narrenturm Narrenturm (2006)

Today the old general hospital quarters companies, restaurants, Cafe`s and is a frame for different events like a christmas market or a fan miles during large events like the football championships.  In the yards are parks and so it is a good place to be on hot summer days.

If you enter the tram nr. 43 or 44 and leave station Langegasse you will be right there.